The Tiny Post Of Big Opportunities

A couple of years ago, I came across the first volume (of three) of The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories; it is a book that very much stays true to its name, being a small compilation of short stories no longer than a couple of lines. These stories are creative and clever, and this is what caught me; some tales are sweet, and some take little turns which reprimand the notion that the books are for children.

Tiny Stories_pg3



Then I learnt that the book was edited by actor/director Joseph Gordon Levitt, who is the creator and owner of HitRecord (an online collaboration production company that produces books and short films). The company allows artists to contribute their work and collaborate with other artists in order to have a more creative result; all three volumes of The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories are compiled of submissions. The brilliant thing is that anyone can join in and that it is everyone together who forms the production company. Such a concept provides a huge opportunity for artists – big or small – to be noticed, and for their work to potentially be published. Visit the company’s website to find out more!

The following are some examples of art that got published on company’s website, as well as on the Facebook and Twitter pages.

As is evident, there is no one type of art that gets published; this selection only captures a small range of the work on the website.

I’m thrilled that there is such an opportunity for artists and in awe of the work that gets published by the company; each artist’s piece – be it their original work, an interpretation, or a collaboration with an existing piece – shows creativity and tells its own tale. As the Tiny Books embody, and as Muriel Rukeyser said, “the universe is made of stories“.

Featured image: credit
Extracts from the book: First, second, and third

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