5 Things You’re Telling Me By Supporting Trump

The dust has settled from the American Election and the world is slowly accepting that Donald Trump is soon going to be President of the United States. You have read many, many things about him by now; you have your opinions on him, on Hillary, and on Obama.

The election of Barack Obama esteemed history with the first black President of the United States. I am not writing this to dispute any flaws that his years as President contributed to America but to instead state that, in a country where people have always been discriminated against for having dark skin, a man in that image achieved one of the most powerful positions in the world. Additionally, throughout Obama’s years as President, his wife embodied the strength and eloquence that defines beauty. Michelle Obama walked beside her husband and used her position to draw attention to matters that truly deserve attention, such as the necessity of ensuring that each girl in the world has an education. However, this isn’t a post about the Obamas.


As many do, I respect other people’s opinions and beliefs. I have seen posts online retaliating against the criticism that pounded the results of the election; their main message is that everyone has the right to vote for who they want, and they voted for Trump (you’ll understand why I rephrased that if you’ve seen some of the posts). However, who you vote for represents your beliefs; they are a likeness of how you see the world and what you want to become of it. Yes, Trump has only been elected President of the United States of America, but America, like I’ve said, is one of the most powerful countries in the world.

I’ve therefore made a short list of the things Donald Trump has pushed for, and what his his supporters have cheered for; if you support Trump, in my eyes, this what you support:

  1. You’re supporting the notion that to be Muslim is a crime, as well as the fact that Islam represents terrorism. An age-old argument, but what about all the white terrorists who have torn apart countries? Trump is making them feel left out. (x)
  2. You’re supporting someone who has, on multiple occasions, been caught referring to women as objects – including his own daughter. Trump has referred to the quality of his own child’s figure and said that, if they weren’t related, he would date her. After decades of women marching for equality, Trump supporters have voted for a man who views my gender as walking opportunities for sex. (x)
  3. You’re supporting a man who has deemed the entire black race as inferior and ‘lazy’. This is especially insulting after all the shootings that have come to light, and all the incredible protests that have followed, fighting for equality. (x)
  4.  You’re supporting homophobia; he has quite literally stated that he has always been ‘against same-sex marriage’. (x)
  5. You’re supporting someone who has equated Mexicans with violence and corruption. (x)

I know Trump represents a politician who is not afraid to speak his mind, and honesty is a quality that should be respected. However, what about when someone speaks their mind and openly reveals that their intentions are racist, homophobic and sexist? Yes, America will survive Donald Trump, but not every American will. He promotes hate crimes based on his views, and his election commends his homophobic, racist, sexist beliefs; his election indicates that it is fine to think like he does.


Honesty is important, but so is empathy, understanding, and kindness. If you support Trump, you don’t support me as a woman of colour, or your friends who happen to love people of their own gender, or are black, or whatever else Trump has decided he has a problem with. What he hates targets more than half the world, and this is why he is equated with such negativity; you, as a supporter of Donald Trump, can share things about love to no end on Facebook, but support a man who represents hate.

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